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What actually is diabetic screening?


If you suffer from Diabetes (either Type 1 or Type 2) you are more prone to suffer from Diabetic retinopathy. This is where the small blood vessels in the eye become damaged due to high glucose levels over a long period of time. If you suffer from Diabetes you should have an annual screening check to ensure you are not suffering from any form of retinopathy.


Diabetic screening involves taking a digital image of the back of your eye. These images are then analysed for any signs of retinopathy and if anything shows up then appropriate action can be taken to help remedy the problem.

The Screening only takes a few minutes, although afterwards you shouldn't drive or operate machinery as you'll be given eye drops to dilate your pupils. This allows us to get a better digital image of your eye and the effects will go away within a couple of hours or so (although this differs from person to person). You may also find it beneficial to wear some sunglasses after the exam as you could experience quite bright light (especially if it is quite bright outside), as the dilated pupil will allow more light into your eye than you would normally expect (when it is bright your pupil will contract to let less light into your eye).