Protective Sports Eyewear

Prescription eyeglasses, sunglasses and even on-the-job industrial safety glasses typically do not provide adequate protection for sports use.

Sports spectacles/goggles are made in a variety of shapes and sizes. Many are designed for racquet sports and are available for basketball and football. Some are even designed to fit in helmets used for American football, hockey and baseball. Sports goggles should allow the use of helmets when the sport calls for it.

Lenses in sports eyewear usually are made of polycarbonate or trivex material. Polycarbonate and Trivex are such an impact-resistant lens materials, they works well to protect eyes from fast-moving objects. Polycarbonate and Trivex also are Uv protective, blocking 100% of UVA up to 400nm — a valuable feature for outdoor sports.

Untreated lenses, however, can easily become scratched. For this reason, virtually all polycarbonate and trivex lenses for spectacles and sports eyewear include a scratch-resistant coating on both the front and back surface for added durability.

Most sport frames can accommodate both prescription and non-prescription lenses. Sport frames are constructed of highly impact-resistant plastic or polycarbonate, and most come with silicone padding to cushion the frame where it comes in contact with the temples, orbital bones and the nose area.

Some sports styles are contoured, wrapping slightly around the face. This type of goggle works well for cycling and sailing.

Contact lens wearers especially benefit from the wraparound style, as it helps keep out wind and foign bodies.


Yellow or Orange

sports yellow orange

Heightens contrast in overcast, hazy, low-light conditions outdoors or for indoor sports. Filters blue light for sharper focus.

Sports: cycling, hunting, shooting, skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, indoor basketball, handball, racquetball, tennis.

Amber, Rose or Red

sports amber

Heightens contrast in partly cloudy and sunny conditions, but causes significant colour imbalances.

Sports: cycling, fishing (amber lenses for sandy lake or stream beds), hunting, shooting, skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, water sports.

Dark Amber, Copper or Brown

sports dark amber copper brown

Blocks high amounts of blue light to heighten contrast and visual acuity. Particularly useful to improve contrast on grass and against blue skies.

Sports: baseball, cycling, fishing (especially in waters with grassy bottoms), golf, hunting, skiing, water sports.



sports Green

Heightens contrast (mildly) while preserving colour balance.

Sports: baseball, golf.


sports Grey



Sports: all outdoor sports in bright light conditions.


There are Health & Safety laws to ensure that you are safe and protected when doing your job. All safety specs and goggles must comply with BSEN 166-7, British and European Standards, and there are different types of protection depending on the job you do. Some safety specs will stand up to impact while others are designed to resist heat.

Health & Safety at Work Regulations require your employer to identify and evaluate workplace risk. This is commonly undertaken by the company safety officer.

You may be then asked to go to a registered dispensing optician for the required protective eyewear to be measured, ordered and fitted.

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